SAB Stream & Pond Clean - 3.2 kg/7 lb 98896

$149.98 $119.98

  • 1 container: treats up to 33,800 gal./127,909 liters
  • 1 scoop: treats up to 1000 gal./3,784 liters
  • Unit Weight: 7.8 lbs.

SAB™ Stream and Pond Clean contains pure strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Ideal for breaking down debris in ponds, streams and waterfalls, this combination of natural cleaners helps to maintain a strong biological balance in your pond. Because ornamental water gardens are enclosed ecosystems, sometimes factors like fish load, uneaten fish food, organics such as leaves, sludge, unwanted debris or after-use of an algaecide or algae treatments may disrupt the pond's balance. SAB™ Stream and Pond Clean maintains a strong biological balance, providing clean, clear and healthy water conditions.

Available in three sizes: 125g/4.4 oz, 250g/8.8 oz, 500g/1.1 lb, 3.2kg/7 lb